Indium Corp Solders Together a Perfect Blog Strategy

Indium Corp.’s corporate blogging strategy is extremely effective because it provides highly targeted, valuable content to potential customers in their very niche industry. By understanding Indium’s customers, marketing communications director Rick Short has developed a comprehensive social media campaign that’s producing great content and even better results.


Add Value on Twitter: The 4-1-1 Rule

Today, we’re focusing neither on the value of Twitter nor what you can do with it. Instead, let’s take a look at how you should be using it for maxium efficiency.

As Twitter is in the escalation phase, you shouldn’t be spending a lot of time thinking about it or using it. You should only be spending 15% of your time marketing on all escalation-phase platforms combined.


5 Ways Sellsumers Could Impact Your Business

Smart marketers should perk up and recognize another indicator of shifting consumer behavior. Empowered digital consumers are going around, not through, major brands. Sellsumers are highly engaged, savvy content creators changing the marketplace.


If you’re not on Scribd, seriously, what are you waiting for?

Back in March, I reported that had just entered the monetization phase of its New Media Life Cycle. As the name indicates, this phase is marked by mainstream users looking to monetize their content. Well, it was heavily reported today that Scribd is now a Scribd Store with a very attractive monetization program for users.


Finding Value at

Omegle’s premise is simple: Click “Start a chat” and you’re immediately connected with a completely random person. No logins. No terms & conditions. No warnings. Just sink or swim. The living embodiment of Mama Gump’s take on life: It’s a box of chocolates and you don’t know what you’re gonna get.


Branded Content Distribution + Kosmix = Contextual Search

The future of search does not lie in Google’s disorganized monopoly of paid search results and indecipherable, keyword-optimized, co-opted and click-through ranked searches. It lies in context-sensitive, comprehensive, multi-threaded search results from ‘trusted’ content creation and distribution platforms like Kosmix.


How Geico Wastes $90MM a Year on Search Engine Marketing

The more and more people I talk to, the more often I find myself taking a militant stance against gigantic search engine marketing (SEM) spending. My position is simple: if you create relevant, frequently generated content that’s high-quality and of a significant volume, you don’t need AdWords.

Details Attaching a Value to your Content

Great content works. I’ve also been trying to make the argument in my office that great content is inherently valuable. Meaning, that the content itself can be monetized. WillItBlend has done this. With the success of the early videos, BlendTec launched, a website dedicated to the Will It Blend videos.


Finding Value in the Distributed Content Model

As a strategist at an online content marketing agency I’m constantly asked to recommend the most effective online distribution channels. Unfortunately, there’s been no easy way to answer this question. However, over the next couple of posts, I hope to help you determine what the most successful distribution vehicles for your content might be.