We wrote about the roller coaster ride we have been on with ChatGPT in the past few weeks. And the ride has had its ups and downs. As with any good journey, there are stages. Are we grieving the loss of writing in the marketing world? Not quite yet, but that does not mean we haven’t spiraled through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. 


“This cannot happen. Period.” The nuance and emotion and intricacies and cadence of writing cannot simply be handed over to ChatGPT. No way. But, then we tried a few prompts and humbly recognized that the writing, well, it isn’t that bad. It serves as a pretty good starting point for some topics.


“Why did we even bother with hours and hours of writing courses?” “The younger generation will have it so easy.” This got us no where.


“Maybe the technology will just hold off and not evolve too quickly. Maybe we can take some time to get to know each other and maybe I will allow use of it in some applications, but not all applications. Maybe, if I give just a little bit, me and ChatGPT can stay together even though we know we are growing in drastically different directions.” We all know that line of thinking never ends well. It simply catapulted me into depression.


“What is the point of any of it? What is the meaning of life if life isn’t even writing the meaning anymore?” Oh, boy.


But, then, in the fog of the depression, I grasp onto the undeniable force field of constant change. Change is good. Change is what helps us become better. Change does’t have to change everything. Change can help me. What if ChatGPT can write a more effective sales email for Tippingpoint Labs that helps us to generate new leads and new business? So, I accept the new ways of the world and I try to use it to my advantage.

What do you think about the sales email ChatGPT generated for us?

Subject: Boost Your Brand with High-Quality Content and Video

Dear [Name],

Are you looking to take your brand to the next level with high-quality content and video? Look no further than [Agency Name], a marketing agency that specializes in creating engaging and effective content and video for businesses of all sizes.

Our team of experienced writers, designers, and videographers work closely with you to understand your brand and target audience, and create content and video that will help you stand out from the competition. Whether you’re looking to increase your social media following, drive more website traffic, or boost your sales, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our services include:

  • Content creation: blog posts, articles, white papers, case studies, e-books, and more
  • Video production: explainer videos, product demos, customer testimonials, and more
  • Social media management: strategy, scheduling, and content creation
  • Website design and development
  • SEO and analytics

Don’t let your competitors leave you behind. Partner with us today and give your brand the boost it needs to succeed. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

[Your Name]
Marketing Manager
[Agency Name]
[Phone Number]

Well done, ChatGPT. Well done. Let us know what you think of that email.

Do you want to talk about brand building, marketing strategy,or video production? We promise you will get a response from a human, typos and all. Email us at jcosco at – tippingpointlabs dot com. Or call 617-332-8261.