About Tippingpoint Labs

We are strategic video marketing and production unicorns.

Tippingpoint Labs has helped brands create strategic content marketing plans and effective video for over two decades. We bring the stories of our clients to life in a way that evokes emotion and accelerates action. From creating a holistic video marketing strategy to telling an authentic branded story through a single video, Tippingpoint Labs can bring your brand to life.

We seamlessly partner with brands and agencies to augment their existing marketing and in-house teams. Our proprietary process keeps projects on time and on budget.

Smart Stats

of consumers prefer video over text

of consumers want more branded video content

increase in traffic from videos

increased views on social media posts with video

Our Processes

Take your pick and learn how we tick.

Our goal is to answer some key questions:
  • Who is the audience?
  • What do they value?
  • What are the unique benefits of your brand?
  • What differentiates your brand?


We begin the project gathering information and seeking your input. We begin with a kick-off meeting to better understand the challenges and opportunities. We review existing materials, competitors, research, digital assets, and marketing plans in order to gain a more comprehensive picture of the environment.

Stakeholder Meetings

We want to get under the hood and talk to as many people as we can. We conduct structured conversations with key stakeholders both internal and external to the brand. We want to get you know you and the smartest people at your brand.

Third-Party Research

Tippingpoint Labs reviews third-party research relevant to the brand, challenge, or opportunity. This research is meant to illuminate the larger industry and market.

Competitive + Market Scan

We look at the competition. Of course we do. What are they doing? How are they doing it? We measure ourselves against similar attributes, positioning statements and offerings.

Creative Concepts

Tippingpoint Labs reviews the learnings from the research, strategies, conversations, and competitive scan to pull together creative video concepts that will elevate your brand and your story.
Our focus on video means we understand the best ways to show and not just tell your story. We understand narrative. We thrive on finding the right way to connect you with your audience. We layer script, tone, voice, images, composition, graphics, and music to create a compelling story from content through completion.

Pre-Production | Discovery

We begin the project gathering information and seeking your input. We begin with a kick-off meeting to better understand the challenges and opportunities. We review existing materials, research, digital assets, and marketing plans that might be relevant to the project. Tippingpoint Labs will conduct interviews with key stakeholders, subject matter experts, and individuals who will be featured in the video.

Pre-Production | Strategy

Using the materials gathered and input from stakeholders, we map a strategy and message for the video. We develop a story arc for the video. The story arc is meant to illuminate the relevant messaging points and tone for the video. If it is a scripted video, we write the script at this stage.

Pre-Production | Creative

At this stage we determine how the video look and feel. The production style, tone, filming approach, graphics, music, and direction is also determined ways to help augment and share the story. We select a crew that can bring this vision to reality. We look at other elements like graphics, animation, and stock footage to round out the story.

Production | Filming Days

Filming days are fun, high-energy, puzzles that we manage down to the second. We artfully design each shot and ensure that we are representing your brand in the best possible light. We pride ourselves with being efficient on each production day and capitalizing on all precious moments as they happen.

Post-Production | Editing + Delivery

The script is finalized and the editing begins. We cull through the footage with a discerning eye and use our strategy and vision as guideposts for the video development. Our editing process consists of three rounds, each getting us closer to the final product.

Ongoing | Distribution + Analysis

A video is only effective if it is viewed. Tippingpoint Labs helps to develop a distribution strategy for the piece, we design effective ways to re-purpose, re-version, re-imagine the footage for various digital platforms, and we help you define the right metrics to track.

Our Happy Clients

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