Last week I had the honor of hosting a Lunch and Learn for the web development team at 3 Media Web. Full disclosure, we used 3 Media Web a handful of years ago when we updated our website, and we still work with them as we maintain and updated our site.

Their team is a dedicated group of people who focus on business development, technical services, account management, design, etc. We spent an hour or so talking through how web development companies can partner with a video production company, like Tippingpoint Labs, to offer additional services, rich content, and a more robust website to clients.

The discussion was lively and Tippingpoint Labs shared creative styles of videos, ways to partner, video production process and more.

Key points from the presentation

1. Video can be placed in many different areas of a website and often some areas are overlooked. Often companies think about having a big corporate video featured on the homepage and we live for that that, of course. But, there are many placement options that can be unexpected and effective.
For example:
a. We love the elegance of a thin header video that simply plays in place as the page loads.
b. Keep the viewer engaged by having videos play in place next to text as the viewer scrolls.
c. Use the video to reveal more information, only if the viewer wants it, by using a static image on a content page that becomes the first frame of the video when clicked.
d. Use short and compelling videos to describe a-day-in-the-life for various positions at the company on the careers page.
e. Surprise and delight those who fill out contact forms by automatically playing a personal and engaging thank you video describing what will happen now that the contact form has been submitted.

2. It is desirable to examine varying video sizes and orientations. The days of only 16×9 video appearing on websites are very much behind us. Even before the popularity of TikTok or Instagram, the idea of vertical videos, square videos, extremely wide (e.g., take up the entire width of the page) videos, long and narrow videos were becoming more popular. With a thorough evaluation in the discovery stage, these different ideas can be uncovered. Having varying video sizes does impact production and development so video teams really need to partner with web developers and web designers to make it work, but the effect can be visually stunning.

3. Video production partners need to seamlessly integrate into the process of web developers. This is a no-brainer. If you are partnering with Tippingpoint Labs, we must be additive to the output, and not disruptive to the process. It’s important to talk often and talk early about the technical details regarding video file size, load times, and video hosting tools to ensure a smooth transition in from finished to posted video.

4. Web development and video production are, surprisingly, not so different. Both begin with a thorough examination of what the company or brand is trying to achieve. Both rely heavily on understanding messaging and architecting the right design before development or production begins. And both can be extremely creative while also delivering quantifiable results in the end. The tools are different, but the process is similar, which makes it easy to partner video and web development project management teams as we speak similar languages.

Video production lunch and learn Q+A

The 3MW team asked about the popularity of TikTok and will that style of video work for both B2C as well as B2B customers, they asked about Tippingpoint Labs’ experiences working with renowned Chef Curtis Stone, and they asked about measuring the ROI of video. It was great to talk through these questions with the team and better understand what their prospects and clients need.

Thank you to 3 Media Web for allowing us to talk with your team. Sharing insights and developing strong partnerships is what it’s all about. This conversation got me excited to talk to more web development teams. If you are a part of a team and would like to schedule a Lunch and Learn or a Dish and Dine or a Coffee Talk, let me know. Any time of day is fine.

Want a copy of the full presentation? Email me, Rebecca Garnick Ast, at rgast – at – tippingpointlabs dot com.