Small and mid-sized in-house agencies often find themselves asking their staffs to work on projects outside of their areas of expertise. They might ask the internal public relations associate to “try” creating content for social media engagement, or to have the Photoshop designer “try” to create highly complex video graphics, or to have the copywriter “try” to write a script for an important video meant to be shared with loyal customers.

The challenge with this approach is that many of these disciplines are specialized. And although current team members are likely able to try these different marketing tactics, it might not make for the best result.

If your team is thinking about creating video or if you are considering expanding into more complex intitiaves that could be beyond the limits of your internal video team, it is important to re-assess your resources.

Bringing in an expert

Over the past there years we have worked closely with the In-House Agency Forum and their members to better understand some of the challenges facing in-house agencies today. We often hear about understaffed departments, increasingly demanding clients, lack of client-to-agency processes, and the trials and errors of attempting to tackle new media and mediums without the right experts on board.

Having an outside team on board does not admit defeat. Be honest with yourself. You know it is time to bring someone in if your team does not have the expertise, the time, and the ability to pull off a more complex video project. It’s important to remember that the expert is not looking to “take over” but rather will help to educate the team and help to make project run more smoothly. They have already been through the process and can avoid common pitfalls while also providing creative and technical expertise in this discipline.

Using internal talent

We have successfully worked with in-house agencies to augment their content and video teams. We understand the expertise that each team member brings and we try to elevate those talents by offering complimentary skills and know-how. Here’s how it might look:

  1. Creative Directors set the direction for the video and outline the branding and visual needs to bring into the final piece.
  2. Copywriters conduct research and provide an outline during script development.
  3. Graphic Designers develop animation and graphics to enhance the final product.
  4. And the Tippingpoint Labs team augments this talent to create a video in an efficient manner that is effective for reaching your goals.

Driving Video Results

Video is increasingly important to today’s demanding consumers and clients. A recent study shows that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017(1) will be video and that there is a 40% increase in purchases as a result of video(2). External experts help you to achieve maximum results while keeping your internal team focused on the big picture.

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