Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz took out a full page ad in the New York Times last Sunday. Except, it didn’t look like an ad. It was actually an open letter to Americans inviting us to “get more involved” this election season. He asked us to stand together, to be #indivisible, this 4th of July.

Howard didn’t ask me to donate money. He didn’t invite you to buy one of his charity bracelets (although one’s pictured in the ad.) Howard simply asked us to create content.

Schultz writes:

On Instagram, post a photo of the America we all need to see. On Twitter, provide a link to an innovative idea. Blog about who’s making a difference in your community; or on YouTube, share how you made your American Dream come true. No matter where you post, if you use the tag #indivisible, Starbucks will do its part to collect and amplify your voices.

Did you catch that last line? “Starbucks will do its part to collect and amplify your voices.”

Starbucks has a powerful audience of fans, followers and friends. With 30MM Facebook fans alone Starbucks is a powerful media channel. Don’t take Howard’s offer lightly. He has the power to amplify our voice. But so do you!

Ask Yourself…

…How have you leveraged your corporate power to amplify the voices of the people your customers want to help? What does your company believe in and what have you done to collect and amplify your employees’ voices?

What if…

…you leveraged your audience on social channels to help your clients and customers make a difference in the world? What if you collected and amplified your clients voices to better their world?

What if you came up with your own #indivisible strategy?