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Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton

When COVID-19 swept the country, non-profit organizations saw their Spring fundraising season thrown into a tailspin.

The event planners, committee members, and marketing gurus at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton (BID Milton) were suddenly forced to rethink their annual fundraising event. They chose to pivot to hosting a “live” virtual event instead of an in-person gala.

“We made a lot of really good decisions leading up to our virtual event,” said David Hyman, Chief Philanthropy Officer at BID Milton “and the first one we made was to hire Tippingpoint Labs.”

Tippingpoint Labs guided the BID Milton team through messaging that would capture the essence of the hospital and the work they do for their patients and community. Tippingpoint Labs created a forty-five-minute pre-recorded online show that would stir emotion and position the hospital as a pivotal resource in the community.

Tippingpoint Labs filmed doctors, hospital administrators, nurses, staff, and family members of patients. We were agile in our production approach, allowing for both remote and in-person filming. We conceived of and developed a branded graphics package for the show giving it cohesion and structure. The full show was pulled together by the Tippingpoint Labs team along with music and calls to action.

The result was a heart-warming show, filled with authenticity and emotion.

“Tippingpoint offered creative ideas to help make our show better. Their ideas were original and very much in keeping with our brand.” Anne Gatnik, Philanthropy Officer at BID Milton said. “I can’t say enough how happy I was with the final result. The show makes me cry every time I watch it.”

“I’m so proud of this show and so glad we chose Tippingpoint Labs to make it come to life,” said Kristen Daly, a member of the event committee. “This was the best virtual event I’ve seen yet”.

Leading up to and on the day of the event, we worked with BID Milton’s digital team to test and ensure the video went live without a hitch.

“The team at Tippingpoint Labs really went above and beyond. They were in the fox hole with us the whole way,” said Rebecca Sandgarten, the Philanthropy Manager at BID Milton. “When we had a problem with our fundraising platform the day before the event, they came up with a plan to circumvent our issue and helped us implement a solution.”

“The event was a grand slam. We netted the same amount of money as we had in years past with our annual in-person event,” Hyman said.

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