Fundraiser Video | Private School

The Rashi School

When Kim Stone, Director of Alumni Relations and Events at The Rashi School, found herself needing a virtual event produced for her Annual Dinner, she turned to Tippingpoint Labs. She was looking for a partner who could help her ideate and develop creative and effective ideas to bring The Rashi School to life on a smaller screen.

“Having been an event planner and planned many in-person events, I was acutely aware of not only what makes an event work, but how much detail and effort and creativity is needed to make it a success,” said Kim Stone. “Translating that to a virtual event was going to be a challenge, but after talking with Jim Cosco and Rebecca Garnick at Tippingpoint Labs, I knew I found the partners who could help me reach my objectives.”

Working with Kim and her internal team, we developed a run of show, filmed virtually, and developed a graphics package to create a cohesive brand for the event.

“Last-minute additions to the program always happen with events. Jim and Rebecca were able to take it all in stride,” Kim remarked. “They even delivered the full event video early, easing our minds and making it possible for us to promote the event effectively through email and social media.”

The Rashi School Annual Dinner clocked in at a little over a half-hour and packed a punch in that time, highlighting honorees, showcasing teachers, featuring students, and even a Q+A between former Governor Deval Patrick and young students wondering about social justice in the world today.

“The result was a show that exuded The Rashi School ethos, personality, and values,” Kim said. “I was so glad to have Jim and Rebecca by my side as my partners in this event.”

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