Content Marketing

Tippingpoint Labs is a strategic content marketing agency.

Our methodology defines brand positioning, brand messaging and targets the right social platforms in order to create a digital content marketing approach that delivers results.

A content strategy is truly a framework from which all your content should stem. It should be based on information and data and insights, and be true to your brand, ethos, and mission. Digital storytelling is an important part of an overall marketing plan and working with a digital marketing agency, like Tippingpoint Labs, can help you to define the stories to tell, while differentiating the message from others.

Tippingpoint Labs develops strategic content marketing plans that can span across the entirety of your brand or focus on a specific product or channel. We seamlessly integrate into your team. Whether you have a small, focused group of one or a large in-house agency, our team assimilates to your environment. We aim to make the process organized, simple, and efficient while producing strategies and plans that are creative, unique, and effective.

Strategic Content Marketing Services

We provide a full range of digital content marketing services, and our goal is to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. Learn more about the content strategy work we have produced.

In the course of a content marketing strategy project, we help brands develop:

  • Brand or Product or Channel Mission Statement
  • Brand or Product or Channel Vision Statement
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Digital Personas
  • Positioning Statement
  • Key Messaging Points or Messaging Pillars
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Differentiators
  • Clearer Path to Purchase
  • Digital Content Calendars
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Platform Strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Strategic Content Marketing Methodology

Our strategic content marketing methodology helps us to focus our efforts on the digital marketing strategy that will yield the best results. Often, the hardest part of crafting a digital marketing campaign is knowing what should be said, to whom, when, and where. We are streamlined, focused, and efficient, and understand that not every company can spend 6-12 months to develop brand messaging. We are quick and adept at helping clients navigate the online marketing environment.

One element of the strategic content marketing process that is unique to Tippingpoint Labs is that Founder, Jim Cosco, and VP of Strategy, Rebecca Garnick Ast, work with clients each step of the way. Having high-level team members lead the process from the first conversation through to recommendations ensures that there are no communication errors or misunderstandings.

Discovery is the first step. This step is where the team shares the big picture and blue sky ideas for the brand, product or channel. We talk through the vision, mission, objective, target audience, messaging, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to fully understand our client’s definition of a successful digital marketing strategy. We ask a series of questions and share ideas in order to develop the outline, budget, and timeline for the project.

Information Gathering
We firmly believe that a successful content marketing strategy depends on our ability to soak up as much information from our clients as possible. This is where we listen and learn as you share information regarding past campaigns, effective initiatives, competitive challenges, and more. We want to absorb as much as we can, including research conducted, audience consumption data, web property analytics, and additional marketing activities planned. During this phase, we collaborate closely with clients to immerse ourselves in their achievements and frustrations. This step is crucial to delivering an effective content marketing strategy.

Stakeholder Interviews
Oftentimes, companies hire a digital marketing agency to help define the brand, the positioning, the audience and the messaging. Sometimes, the conversations and discovery only take place between the brand marketing team and the digital agency. We agree that the marketing team is our best resource, we also believe that speaking with other stakeholders creates a more well-rounded view of the company.

Tippingpoint Labs leads conversations with tech teams, customer service departments, product developers, sales professionals, human resources, and others. These team members offer insights about the company that may not be uncovered elsewhere. Stakeholder interviews allow us to gain a 360-degree view of the company. We also encourage outside conversations with loyal customers, past customers, and partners (especially current marketing partners and agencies) who may interact with the company in distinct ways. The more conversations we can have, the more we listen and learn, the more we see patterns emerge that can help us construct an effective content marketing approach.

Competitive Analysis
Any one brand does not live in a vacuum. In the digital and online marketing universe, there are many brands that offer similar services to yours or who compete for wallet share or provide distractions during the buying journey. It is important to chart and map the competitive universe, understand their offering to your target audience, and document how they interact and message on various digital platforms.

Your competitors tell their own stories and part of developing a successful content marketing strategy is dissecting that story and using it to your own advantage. Having a deep understanding of the competitive environment helps us determine how to best chart a strategic marketing plan and program for your brand.

Synthesize the Information
Once we have all the inputs — the research, analytics, marketing campaigns, interviews, competitive analysis, anecdotes — we align it with a slightly academic approach to content marketing. We use frameworks like McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey to map the experience for the target audience from trigger to purchase to post-purchase. We use academic tools, like the SWOT analysis, to structure the data and to formalize our initial findings. And we go over our notes, our conversations, our competitive findings and treat them like evidence in a case we are trying to solve. And we use a whole bunch of tricks, tools, insights, and experience to develop a thoughtful approach for your content marketing.

A Content Strategy Recommendation
Our role, as a digital marketing agency, is to advise our clients, to bring them ideas and shaped strategies based on the inputs we collected. We present high-level recommendations first. These recommendations include our thoughts regarding brand (product or channel) mission, vision, positioning, messaging pillars and target audience. We work with the project stakeholders to further refine these recommendations and then explore them in more detail We add to it a social media platform strategy, a content distribution approach, a content calendar or content plan, KPIs, and a detailed and focused roadmap forward.

Content Strategy Execution
As a content marketing company, we have the capabilities to help our clients execute on the recommended digital content strategy. Tippingpoint Labs can offer guidance in the further development of content pieces including social media posts, digital design development, infographics, web content, video production, and more. We use everything we learned in our strategy phase to execute with intent in order to meet the content strategy objectives as initially defined.

A Note on Strategic Content Marketing
Every client partner of ours has come to us with a different challenge, a different need, a different objective for content marketing. We welcome that. We know that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to digital content strategy. Some companies need only a portion of this work to be done as they may already have their brand positioning in order but don’t know how to apply it to an ongoing content marketing plan. Others may have a team ready to execute when the recommendations are made. We adapt to your needs and your objectives. If you are struggling in any way to create a content marketing strategy, reach out. We can help.

It’s easy to reach out, and we'd love to hear from you.