Bloggers and brands can build valuable relationships

Blogger and brand relationships can be tricky to navigate. Oftentimes brands choose to sample products and donate items to bloggers for feedback, reviews, exposure — only to find that nothing comes of it or that the response was not favorable. Bloggers want to remain editorially sound, which means that brands looking to crate meaningful relationships with bloggers need to have a definitive strategy and dedicated resources who are focused, disciplined, and track against concrete goals. Recently I’ve seen a few examples of how blogger and brand relationships have evolved and become more meaningful initiatives.

Is Tiffany’s micro-site better than Pinterest? is generating a lot of interest and has even been sited as a leading traffic generator to retail sites, surpassing Google+ and growing at leaps and bounds. If it is the new coveted platform for gathering images based around topics of interest, then why did Tiffany’s decide not to use it for their “What Makes True Love” campaign but rather relay on their own platform?